Parp Inhibitors – Cancer Breakthrough – NBC News

(Parp Inhibitors Videos) In June 2009, a lot of stories began to break in the news about “Parp Inhibitors” and how they relate to the treatment of cancer. On June 24, 2009, the NBC Nightly News featured a story on Parp Inhibitors that began, “Now we turn to what some are calling the most important cancer treatment breakthrough in a decade.” The story talks about how a study featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, on Parp Inhibitors, is showing a lot of promise for the development of new drugs to treat cancer. The Parp Inhibitor trials were remarkable in the treatment of cancer. Here’s the story…

Editor’s Note: This was our very first post/story and unfortunately, since that time, the video has been removed from YouTube. So we have a different news story from 2009 to share. This one is from KOCO Channel 5 News:

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